Final Blog Post

I have to say I am excited and sad to see this class come to an end.  I have been using many of these programs for years, mainly with my husbands help.  This class has opened the door to so many more things I can do with my businesses.

ZRT K9 Services is official.  We have a logo, t-shirts, website, clothing, clients and a Facebook.  Without this class I could not have done the logo, flyers, learned to alter and enhance the photos I use or would have even started it or thought it was possible.

My original path was to become a Veterinarian.  While I love the medical side of things, I am also very much enjoying my love for my dogs, training and being able to make their lives happy everyday.  It has introduced me to a new group of friends with the same passion.

I am still on my path to becoming a Veterinarian but the timing may be put off a bit.  I have learned to help friends trying to sell puppies by contributing a small little video to help.  I have learned how to cut and crop things out of videos, add photos that have been enhanced or changed, while having my logo all over the place.

We are doing a pretty large training and seminar this coming weekend.  I am excited to be able to take photos and videos and be confident that they are going to turn out amazing.  I will get to be able to give each person a video of them training with their dog.

It becomes important to see yourself training, so you know what you need to fix.

I will admit that sometimes I felt a little alone in this class and most of the people in my group dropped the class.  I do not feel you should take this class if you have absolutely no experience with Adobe products.  I think it is too advanced for that.  I have been working with them and there are places that I struggled.

Here are some of the other projects I worked on because of this class:
























Besides these, instead of asking my hubby for help with my work, he is now asking me.  He has asked me to design his logo for his company.  People are now asking for my advice, which is interesting since I do hair for a living, I am going to school for Veterinarian, and I train dogs!  I never thought photos, design and videos would be something I could do!

I wish there was a way in the class, that the Prof would assign a group and set up their own forum for talking and bouncing ideas off of.  Even though it is an online class and I understand the independence, it still would have been nice to have a place for “our group” to talk.

Overall, I really loved this class and what I learned, I am already using in my day to day life!




Final Video


Final Storyboard

After feedback from the class, I changed my video quite substantially.  I do not feel it is what I would do on a normal basis, because I do not feel it represents my personality or who I am, I did it for the class, but I feel comfortable with both videos.  I wanted to have more of a personality in my video and I created from Koda’s perspective, with admiration to her mom.  Dogs who are in schutzhund training have such a strong bond with their human it is almost indescribable.

So I changed and removed the puppies and focused on one training program, with definitions of what each aspect of the training includes along with examples of the training.  “Koda” in the video is just still in the beginning phases of her training.  That was her training in the video at 10 weeks old…the little fur ball.  I used all kinds of transitions within the video to make it a little funner!

Schutzhund training takes years to finalize and a daily commitment to the training.  What you didn’t get to see is the advanced process of the final training.  Stay tuned to my blog as all of our dogs progress, our schutzhund club gets more advanced and we get our dogs further trained.

I will be excited to share the advancement of all of the dogs with you.  Thank you for letting me share the video with all of you.

Thank you….


Kris Taylor Seminar and Training

We are excited to announce that Kris Taylor of Taylor Made Working Dogs will be joining us May 30th to June 1st. Kris will be working with us on Schutzhund Training, Tracking, and Obedience.

We will also be doing evaluations fbigstock-German-Shepherd-5753194or you and help you set goals for you and your dog.Please email, for more information, pricing or to reserve your space. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Schutzhund. Space is limited, so please email EARLY!!!



Please watch our Facebook Page for more details.

Event Information

We look forward to seeing you there!

Draft Video – La”Koda”

La”Koda” vom Czako


I got the idea to do a video on Koda because she had or was doing all three of the topics I wanted to show.  How great puppies are, obedience work and protection work.  Koda had a litter of puppies 9 weeks ago, so they were big enough to be able to capture how cute they are, their activities and how you begin to do training with them, such as the sheepskin tug.

Koda has been working on her Schutzhund (Definition Below) training since she was 10 weeks old.  The training requires a lot of patience and consistency.  Shannon has been working almost daily with Koda and uses multiple trainers to accomplish her goals with Koda.

Koda is very bonded and attached to her mom, so I wanted to take the approach of the video from Koda’s perspective talking about her mom.  You really need to have a bond with your dog in order to be successful at Schutzhund.

Shannon will continue with her training with Koda, which consists of Focus Work, Obedience, Tracking and Protection.  There is a pattern or a script to follow when going to compete in a Schutzhund Trial.  Many of our dogs have the same goal of getting our Schutzhund titles, but we are quite a long was away from that.

I look forward to training more with Shannon and Koda.  Zoey and Ruger have grown up together and have trained together.  More fun is yet to come!

I know my video is too long and I have some transitions I need to work on, but  overall I think I accomplished what I wanted.  It is a fun story from Koda’s perspective.

Thank you Shannon for letting me use you and Koda for my final project for school!



Schutzhund Definition:

Schutzhund (German for “protection dog”) is a dog sport that was developed in Germany in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog. The test would determine if the dog displayed the appropriate traits and characteristics of a proper working German Shepherd Dog. Today, it is used as a sport where many breeds other than German Shepherd Dogs can compete, but it is a demanding test for any dog that few can pass.  

Schutzhund.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 20 Apr. 2014. Web. . <;.

Koda Puppies

Video Tutorials

This was a fun assignment.  I am really looking forward to the final video!  Working on taking shots and videos this weekend of puppies, training and bite work!



Draft Video


Final Audio Interview

I found this project extremely tedious.  I felt like I kept getting lost in the cutting and pasting of all of the different parts.  I really enjoyed doing the interview and piecing together the information.  I had way more audio and questions I could have used but cut it down to the most important pieces.

Shannon did very well providing me with a solid base of answers.  Funny part is we did all of it over our iPhones.  I would email her questions, she would video herself answering them and email them to me.  I would then clean them up and record myself asking her the question.

We had to laugh as I was asking the questions because she would cut off the first couple words and I would have to change around my questions.  It was fun, but way more time consuming than I wanted it to be, way more tedious than I would have hoped and really didn’t turn out as fabulous as I would have liked.

Also trying to work around others schedules to get the videos is always a challenge as you only have so much time to work on an assignment.

I had a large delay in completing this project.  During the time of this project, I went to St. Kitts to go to my veterinary school interview, had a major work conference, my daughter fell very ill and had to have surgery and I found out Zoey…the love of my life German Shepherd has issues with her hips.  I feel like I got slammed really hard during this one.

Good part is, project is completed, daughter is doing better, I am accepted into Vet School and I am working on a treatment for Zoey.

So again, I am sorry to all of you for my delay…Hopefully you will at least enjoy what I have created or you may learn one thing about having a German Shepherd!



Draft Raw Story

I am really sorry for my delay.  I have had a huge family emergency this week.  Here is my interview with a friend of mine who raises, breeds and trains German Shepherds like I do.  This is a complete and total draft of what I want it to be in the end.  I still have to add myself asking the questions, cutting out the unnecessary information and making sure the entire audio file flows really well.

I have enjoyed doing this but feel like I get lost in the information and the best way to make it flow.   Some people talk fast so it is hard to cut through their information.  Shannon did a good job of answering the questions and giving me some time to be able to do some cutting and pasting.

I am looking forward to adding the proper questions, moving the audio around and making it flow properly.  This is definitely a new task for me as again, my computer geek husband has always done all of this stuff for me.

Again, I am extremely sorry for my delay and look forward to your feedback!


Raw Footage